For Business Users

Emergency Call Out

We know how critical IT systems are to today's modern businesses and any down-time costs money. NC Computers provides you prompt, curteous, no fuss service to get you up and running as quickly possible.

Servicing, Repairs, Upgrades

We offer a complete range of services to keep your IT system running. Problems are fixed on-site whenever possible or taken to our workshop if not. We will endevour to minimise disruption to your business and often are able to supply loan units to keep you running whilst your hardware is being repaired or upgraded.


As your business grows and evolves, so do your IT needs. We offer a consultancy service to assist and guide you through the expansion and evolution of your IT system, taking full advantage of the latest technology.

Web design and Hosting

We offer a complete Web Design and Hosting solution. We cater for all needs from simply a 'Web Presence', multi-lingual sites, client accessable databases and e-comerce. Feel free to call and have a chat to see if we can help. Have a look at the links page to see examples of our work.

Offsite Backup

This is a fairly new but increasingly popular service to ensure that critical data is regularly backed up and stored offsite for maximum security. This is normally managed remotely by our staff so you don't have to worry about changing tapes, storing them in a fire safe, checking that the backup was successfull and all the other tasks associated with running a robust backup reigeme. We do all the hard work!

Service Contracts

Many clients are happy with a 'Time & Materials' based service - call us when you need us - whilst others feel happier with a Service Contract. The level of service offered varies according to your needs from telephone, remote support to on-site support. Call us for a chat.